Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal, just a 5-minute drive from Estoril and a short 15-minute ride from Sintra, is a small fishermen village that has gained a lot of notoriety throughout the years, and has evolved from a small quaint town, to a vacation destination planned by tourists all around the globe year round. It attracts so many visitors due to the fact that the picturesque antique architecture has remained and it is right on top of the ocean, providing visitors with beautiful beaches, and ocean related activities. From sailing on a yacht, to scuba diving, surfing, paddle surfing, Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal has a wide variety of activities on offer. Being home to one of the most famous Marinas in Portugal, the options are quite vast in terms of boats, sailing, and ocean touring the Cascais Luxury Destination in Portugal’s coastline.

Also, Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal offers you the option of staying in 5star top quality accommodation, in a very close range which is quite rare in most other cities. Offering you the most gorgeous views, SPA treatments, Michelin star restaurants, fantastic gyms, and many other inviting features, the Penha Longa Resort has been awarded several distinctions. Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal is just a short 15 minute distance from the Hotel Penha Longa Golf Resort. Excelling in all areas, the Penha Longa Resort is the perfect choice for your stay during your luxury wedding in the Cascais Wedding Destination.

Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal is also where the coastline’s famous boardwalk begins, passes through Estoril and ends in São João, another town that is quite close. This boardwalk has several cafés, restaurants, and gym machines for a good workout, and allows you to run, walk, or even bathe in the beaches in front of the boardwalk! Many Portuguese people love this boardwalk as it offers such diverse social activities, for having a place to exercise outdoors or even walk their dogs, as well as being purely beautiful and a good break from the normal city skyline.

Guincho, one of the world’s most famous beach, has ranked the position of the 8th most beautiful beach in the world, is also located in Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal, and attracts surfers and tourists from everywhere in the world. Guincho hosts worldwide surf championships, and is also the ideal location for wind surf! Another great thing to do is to rent a bike in Cascais and ride along the stunning coastline until you reach Guincho beach (more less 30 minute bike ride) where you can have a refreshing drink in the beach’s bar! Very close to Guincho is the beginning of the beautiful Sintra Mountains. Sintra city is in the heart of the mountains, and it is known as the capital of romance in Portugal. Filled with exciting things to visit, and very close to both your Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination and your exclusive 5 start Hotel- Penha Longa.

Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal will also offer you hundreds of different trendy bars and restaurants of the highest quality, where you can enjoy the excellent Portuguese gastronomy. Being a fishermen village, the fish is so fresh in Cascais, and the restaurants offer a wide range of seafood for you to relish. Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal also has a vivid nightlife, with several bars, pubs, and rooftop terrace cafés for you to enjoy some late night drinks whilst taking in the marvelous views of the town.



The name Cascais derives from “Monte de Cascas”, which means mountain of shells, from the seafood that was picked in the area. Cascais was considered the subordinate town to Sintra, which was higher up in the mountains, and has less access to the coastal areas. It was also a strategic point of defense and security having a fort located at its core centre. Many ships coming form Lisbon, stopped in Cascais to gather some supplies, as Cascais was the last point - the most western point, in Portugal before entering the Atlantic Ocean. From the middle ages onwards, Cascais depended mostly on fishing and maritime commerce to gain its wealth, and started to grow quite quickly in terms of size and even entering into agriculture due to the fields that extend above Cascais and inwards. Many noble families built vacation estates and mansions in Cascais, and it suddenly started converting into an affluent area where rich people came to spend their summer vacation, instead of a quaint fishermen village. Now days it is considered a rich area together with its neighboring town, Estoril, where some of the mansions and estates still remain, and a high touristic point of interest.