Why Estoril Coast Wedding Destination?


What does the Estoril Coast Wedding Destination have to offer?

The Estoril Coast Wedding Destination is not only a destination with history, as it has also so much to offer, in so many different ways! It is a dreamy town, with a lot of excitement, thrilling sports, paradisiacal beaches, high quality restaurants, trendy bars, and the best 5 star hotel accommodation! Estoril Coast Wedding Destination, because of its many assets, is a high quality destination, and therefore it is the ideal place to host your luxury destination wedding in Portugal, and it is sure to leave you more than pleased with your decision!

Estoril Coast Wedding Destination's whole appearance is one of a glorious modern town, that is located right on top of the ocean. With palm trees, a beach boardwalk, esplanades all around, luxurious cars, a magnificent casino, and stunning beaches, in the Estoril Coast Wedding Destination, one feels like they are in Downtown Miami, except without all the noise and urban decay. The splendorous  appearance of the Estoril Coast Wedding Destination is what entices many visitors, as it is extremely inviting to the tourist’s eyes! If you find  yourself constantly wishing for a luxurious destination wedding, honestly what better place to host it, than a luxurious town with appealing paradisiacal features?

The tropical appearance of Estoril is what entices many visitors...


Above all this, Estoril Coast Wedding Destination's main assets are the gorgeous beaches! You can swim in the Atlantic Ocean, bathe on our golden sand, and watch the most stunning sunsets whilst sipping champagne! The beach’s boardwalk connects several amazing beaches throughout the coastline, and has a lot of cafés and restaurants with inviting esplanades for your Portuguese cuisine lunch, dinner or snack! If you are a sports lover, the boardwalk is also great for a run or a walk, and it also has several fitness machines along the boardwalk! One of our luxury destination-wedding venues is right on top of one of the prettiest beach on the Estoril Coast Wedding Destination, so you will be able to enjoy all the views and activities occurring!

Since Estoril Coast Wedding Destination is right next to the coastline, there is a lot of fishing, allowing you to taste some of the best freshly picked fish ever, that will practically melt in your mouth! The gastronomy in the affluent Estoril Coast Wedding Destination area is of extremely high quality, and allows you to taste all of our best typical dishes, as well as any other specific dish you’d like. However, what ever it is you would like to eat, cooked by a Portuguese chef, it will taste much better than anything you have tasted before! Portugal primes itself on good cuisine, and has worked hard for centuries to master flavors, and create some amazing world favorite dishes! You can try all of these in Estoril Coast Wedding Destination, as well as our insane variety of bread, and gorgeous looking as well as tasting pastries! Whichever style of food you taste in Portugal, we assure you will not be disappointed!

Estoril Coast Wedding Destination is home to the biggest Casino in Europe. Having been one of the first Casinos built in Portugal, and the biggest in Europe up until today! The Casino of Estoril was where the director of the Casino Royale 007 got inspiration, and some of the movie scenes were shot there! Home to concerts, theatre, WWE championships, and many other entertainment offers, this busy Casino is definitely a good place to spend a fun night!

Estoril Luxury Wedding Destination is also only a 15 minute drive from the stunning Penha Longa Resort in Portugal. With the highest quality accommodation, michelin star restaurants, and a high variety of services, the Penha Longa Resort is extremely close to your luxury-wedding venue in Portugal! With the Penha Longa Golf Resort we assure you that your guests will be in the best hands in terms of quality and service. The best part, is that this hotel is in very close proximity to one of our Estoril Luxury Destination Wedding Venues in Portugal!

Estoril is home to the biggest Casino in Europe. Having been one of the first Casinos built in Portugal, and the biggest in Europe up until today!

Estoril Coast Wedding Destination has extremely easy access to Lisbon, being only a 20min drive away. You can also choose to take the train that goes directly to Lisbon’s city centre. Estoril Coast Wedding Destination has some of the best transportation in the area, with nice taxi drivers, punctual buses, and the express train to Lisbon. Your hotel is always ready to order a car for your services as well as calling a taxi. However, if you are on the street and want to go to a specific place, you can count on Estoril’s transportation. Estoril Coast Wedding Destination is also extremely close to Sintra- the Portuguese Capital of Romance, being only a 15-minute drive by car. Estoril being such a central town is great because of having easy access to Lisbon’s airport, as well as having easy access to visit Sintra and Lisbon as well.

If you or your guests are curious in visiting Lisbon’s historical, trendy and urban city centre, you have an extremely easy and facilitated access to our capital. Despite Lisbon being a lot more busy, and less relaxing then Estoril, it is still more than worth a visit as it has so much to offer in terms of fashion, culture, and history. And if you get tired and want to relax after visiting Lisbon, all you have to do is come back to the Penha Longa Resort and enjoy some of the best SPA treatments in the area.

Estoril Coast Wedding Destination has a Thermal SPA, made for you to relax, for you to get pampered, and to ensure that you are pretty from head to toe. The Thermal SPA is only a 2 min walk away from your Luxury Destination Wedding Venue in Portugal. However, the Penha Longa Resort also offers 5star SPA treatments and pampering, so if you do not have time to go to the Thermal SPA, do not worry as your hotel will have you more than covered, for your luxury destination wedding!

Estoril Coast Wedding Destination is also one of the best places on the coastline to look at some of the most stunning sunsets. The coastline in itself is gorgeous to look at, during any time of the day! This will definitely bring the romance factor to your luxury wedding destination trip! The best things you will be able to take from our Estoril Town are great photo opportunities, and great sunset moments on your wedding day, that you can rest assured of!