Penha Longa Catering will go above and beyond all your expectations. The Penha Longa Catering has incredible services that allow for their exceptional cuisine to be brought directly to your private event, and ensuring that their cuisine is served under the highest of standards at all times.

The Penha Longa Catering offers you both versatile and flexible menus that ensure their team will work with to plan every detail from designing your event’s menus to both the table decoration and staging of your events. With talented chefs, exceptional staff, and motivated team, you are sure to not be disappointed by this sophisticated service.

As said by the Penha Longa Catering team, “A memorable event forms the basis of a memorable day”. Therefore, their goal is to create the perfect wedding experience especially for you. They have pursued their own dream of setting a new standard for both romantic and elegant weddings, ensuring that your own dream of having a magical day is fulfilled. With a private chapel dating back to the 14th century and over 10 venues on their estate to choose from, the Penha Longa group will ensure that together with their Catering, they will present you with the most spectacular and unforgettable event. After all, the most memorable of days, further deserves the most memorable of events.

The Portuguese culture delights itself in the sensational world of gastronomy. All meals during the day are important for the Portuguese, and it is during these meals that the Portuguese socialize, share stories, and interact with their family members and friends. Every meal is sacred to the Portuguese, and that is why many visitors say that no place exists in Portugal where you cannot get a decent meal. You will taste and marvel yourself in the most heightened Mediterranean flavors, and the most unique combinations of scents present in the Portuguese food. Therefore, the Penha Longa Catering relishes in the idea, preparation and presentation of each individual plate served, ensuring that their clients are only able to taste the best possible at every meal served. For this reason and many more, we believe that you will not be in better hands than with the Penha Longa Catering.

Luxury Venues Catered by Penha Longa Catering

My Luxury Wedding Portugal together with our wedding planner team is pleased to introduce you to 4 different luxury venues catered by Penha Longa Catering, where we can organize your luxury event in Portugal to perfection:

Forte da Cruz

Forte da Cruz is a luxury venue that is situated right on top of the beach, in the gorgeous town of Estoril in Portugal. With stunning seashore views, beautiful surroundings, and striking architecture, this luxury venue made for royals will make all your luxury events come true! Not only can you enjoy the most exquisite sights from this luxury venue, you can also enjoy the highest quality catering for both your luxury event cocktail and meal. Catered by the excellent Penha Longa Catering, the menus provided are indeed exceptional.

This luxury venue in Portugal, is only a 15-minute ride from the Penha Longa Resort, the perfect getaway for your luxury stay in Portugal. It is the most peaceful and relaxing resort in the area, perfect to let you de-stress before and after your luxury event day!

Your dedicated wedding planner from My Luxury Wedding Portugal will do everything to ensure that your luxury event in Portugal runs smoothly in every different area. We will assist you from day one, making sure that all your wishes are corresponded.

Penha Longa Resort

From gorgeous luxury venues, to a unique 14th century monastery, and striking surroundings, the Penha Longa Resort, located between Cascais and Sintra, is more than equipped with everything necessary to allow us as your event planners from My Luxury Wedding Portugal team to organize a brilliant event.

The best part of allowing us to host your event at the Penha Longa Resort is that all their different luxury venues are inside the Resort, including their beautiful accommodation. Therefore, you do not need to worry about transportation, parking and any other hassle. The Resort also has a fitness center, two different pools, SPA- the only six senses SPA in Portugal, a hairdresser, and varied shops. The Penha Longa Resort has three magnificent restaurants as well, such as the Arola Michelin Star restaurant, the Midori exotic Asian restaurant, and the general Penha Longa Catering, which prides itself in only serving the best gastronomy.

Palacio de Xabregas

Known as the most gorgeous and exclusive Portuguese tiled Palace, the Palacio de Xabregas, located in the heart of Lisbon, has both the leading and biggest private tile collection in the whole of Portugal. Having six different rooms, each with quite a large capacity, the Palacio de Xabregas is the best luxury venue in

Portugal for our team of My Luxury Wedding Portugal planners to organize big weddings and events.

Their interior patio can sit up to 670 people, the panel room can sit 50, the music room can accommodate 35, the Four Seasons room has capacity for 75, the Conspirator Room can sit 65, and last but not least the Castro Marim room has space for 95 people. Due to having so many different room options you can have a very diverse and unique luxury event, by choosing to separate your luxury event in Portugal, into several different rooms designed for each part of your luxury event.

Within half an hour distance from the Palace of Xabregas luxury wedding venue in Portugal, one can find the gorgeous Penha Longa Resort, that has comfy accommodation and dedicated service staff for your stay before and after your Luxury wedding, hosted by My Luxury Wedding in Portugal.

Palacio de Sao Vicente

The Palace of Sao Vicente is situated in the Bairro da Graça, one of the most authentic areas in the heart of Lisbon, and only a few steps away from the striking Sao Vicente de Fora Monastery. My Luxury Wedding Portugal team of event planners aim is to organize the most stunning luxury event in this one of a kind luxury venue in Portugal.

Made up of several imposing rooms, this luxury wedding venue in Portugal is sure to bring you the most memorable and unique of experiences. This luxury Palace venue, built in 1606, has all the sophistication and refinement that one looks for when searching for a luxury venue in Portugal. The rich and detailed interior in the most splendorous of spaces is what makes this luxury wedding venue so exclusive. This luxury venue also holds a one of a kind outdoor patio that is perfect for outdoor events.

Only half an hour away, one can find the finest 5star Resort,, the Penha Longa Resort in Portugal, which is the perfect place to rest and prepare yourself before and after your big luxurious event day in Portugal!

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