Why Choose Portugal as a Luxury Wedding Destination?

If for you authenticity, security, constant bright sun, genuine people, history, culture, and cuisine, is luxury, which for us it is, then Portugal is the right choice for your luxury wedding destination in Portugal. Rich in all aspects, such as diverse landscapes, beautiful music, excellent gastronomy, appealing beaches, and proud patriotic people, Portugal is the right place to have unforgettable experiences. What makes Portugal unique, is almost unexplainable, as it does not aim to be the commercial and standard type of beauty, instead it prides itself in finding the natural beauty that has grown within the country throughout its many years of history. Portugal’s beauty is in its people, in the cobblestoned streets, in the landscapes, in the Portuguese tiles, even in the food served here, instead of from the standard 5 star luxury found in every other country of the world. And it is for exactly this reason that Portugal is such a sought out luxurious destination in terms of vacations, weddings or even honeymoons – what makes Portugal different and unique is what makes it beautiful at the same time!

There are several reasons why Portugal is such a great luxury destination wedding for you, however to give you a general idea of why to choose this fascinating country, we have listed the Top 10 Reasons why it is definitely a place of interest for your luxury destination wedding!


The feature that makes Portugal so unique and such a sought out destination is the fact that everything about Portugal is authentic. It has stuck with its culture and its way of being throughout the years and has not allowed to be changed by other nations and influences. When we say Portugal, we mean its people too. The culinary, the streets, the people, the monuments, our Portuguese tiles, and every other detail that defines a country, is authentic in Portugal. When you go to other countries you can feel they have changed themselves to be luxurious or more modern, or they have even let another country influence the way they are, however in Portugal our most luxurious asset, and the greatest gift we can offer to our visitors is our pure authenticity!


Portugal is one of the safest countries in Europe. Violent crimes are almost unheard of, and the main areas of the country are totally safe to walk in, even at night. The police officers here are also extremely helpful and nice, allowing citizens and visitors to trust them! Portugal is very pacific and the citizens help each other in more difficult situations. Pick pocketing happens everywhere in the world, and Portugal is included, however it is mainly in Lisbon and it is quite rare. In Estoril, where your luxury destination-wedding venue is, it is quite rare to hear about crimes, also due to the fact that Estoril is situated in an affluent area of Portugal. However you can walk around the country comfortably without feeling afraid, like you probably would be in other parts of the world!


Portugal has almost a millennium of history! Portugal’s history is one that can be experienced through our incredible and unique monuments, our culture, the Portuguese’s patriotism, and even by just walking through our streets and enjoying the architectonical picturesque views. Your luxury-wedding venue in Portugal is a historical relic in itself, being a renovated Fort that was later used as a summer vacation home for the Portuguese royals. Portugal’s history, due to the fact that it has several years and a strong content, is very rich and is a great part of the Portuguese culture. During your destination luxury wedding in Portugal you will be able to witness the great amounts of history present in Estoril, Cascais, and especially in Sintra (a 20 min ride away) the capital of Romance in terms of architecture and historical monuments!



Portugal is said to be one place with one thousand sensations. Being a mainly coastal country and having a very diverse landscape, provides several of different experiences that can fit any type of preference! If you are an ocean person, you can hire a yacht or sailboat for a ride, you can go sailing, surfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, and even fishing! Any ocean related activity can be done in Portugal, and there are so many different stops along the coast for you to explore and enjoy! If you are a mountain and outdoors person, there are hiking guided tours available, pre-designed trails, and a lot of adventures waiting for you! If you are into land sports, Portugal is very big on golf and tennis, having several courts available for you to show the Portuguese people your skills! One of the best European golf courses can be found in Cascais! If you prefer horseback riding, Portugal has a lot of places where you can practice horseback riding, and some of the best equestrian schools. Horse back riding is considered an art, and demonstrated frequently in the traditional bullfights that you can also see! If you prefer a more relaxed scene, you can go to a typical Portuguese restaurant and listen to Fado- the Portuguese traditional form of singing that is said to come not from the vocal chords, but from the soul.



Portugal is located on the most western point of Europe, dominating a very central point on the world map! Very close to any major central European capital, as well as in a very great access point to any other continent in the world. Having the perfect location in the world map, allows Portugal to be the home or passage place of many visitors and tourists who want a central point to go to. Also when planning your destination wedding, and inviting people from all over the world, it is good to have such a central localization that can be “close” to most of your guests!


The Portuguese people are extremely authentic, and represent the Portuguese culture constantly. The way the old people dress, the way everyone talks to one another, the way the young people are so connected and construct such strong ties, it is a really nice thing to simply observe the culture of these people. The Portuguese are also extremely friendly and welcoming, and even if they cannot speak in English or in your language, they will try communicating in other ways until they find a way to help and advise you on your questions! There are more English speaking people in Portugal then in any other country in Europe. And the Portuguese people are not cold, as people tend to be in other countries in Europe!


The Portuguese Coastline is one of the prettiest in the world. With wild and dessert beaches, to popular city beaches, and tropical paradises, Portugal has one of the most amazing coastlines in Europe. You can have some of the most pacific and relaxing moments in our clear blue coastline waters, or enjoy some radical water sports in the Lisbon waters, or even go for a walk along our beach boardwalk. The beautiful scenery that you will find whilst discovering the Portuguese Coastline will definitely stun you.


Portugal’s gastronomy is so unique. With flavors influenced by different cultures such as India, China, and Brazil, Portugal’s food is rich in flavor and unlike anything you have ever tasted before! Mixing the Mediterranean cuisine, with that of the world, Portugal has developed some of the most intricate meals, and has received quite a good rank in terms of Michelin star chefs. Our wine is also amazing, having won several competitions around the world, and our desserts are unforgettable and their creation dates back to almost the beginning of the Portuguese history. Because the ocean surrounds most of Portugal, we have some of the best fresh fish picked on a daily basis! The exquisite Portuguese cuisine will definitely be a memorable experience during your time in Portugal.


The climate in Portugal is nothing short of perfect, and proves to also be a main factor for attracting so many visitors annually. The summers are hot and the winters cold, but never in excess. The coldest it gets in the winter is 10º Celsius, and in the summer it can get as high as 40º Celsius! Portugal has on average 300 days of sunshine per year, and it is a country that barely experiences heavy raining periods. Our climate is perfect year round for your destination wedding in Portugal!


Portugal is the only country in Europe in which you get high quality services for fair prices. From 5star hotels, to coffee in a restaurant, you will find that the price you pay is more than fair for the whole service received. You will also find this to be true with your luxury destination wedding in Portugal, as the quality of what you receive at your wedding is more than beneficial in comparison with the price you paid. This allows you to ensure that everything you are paying for is equivalent to the type of service that you are receiving.

Although the reasons above allowed you to understand and get to know Portugal a lot more, below we decided to take your decision making research even further, and write the Top 5 Reasons to have your luxury destination wedding in Portugal! They may intertwine with the reasons of why Portugal is considered a luxury-wedding destination, however the reasons listed below are directly correlated to your destination-wedding day in Portugal.