Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination, the capital of Romance in Portugal, is known for housing some of the most impressive Palaces and Monuments. From state affairs, to royal history, and magical weddings, Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination is the loveliest of hosts. Being situated in the heart of the gorgeous Sintra Mountains, Sintra’s picturesque village is known for having amazing sights, gorgeous town houses, and tasty bakeries. It is quite difficult to find mountains with so many national treasures hidden at every corner, and the fact that there are so many disturbingly beautiful gems ready to be encountered, is what makes Sintra such a magnificent Luxury Wedding Destination.

As we are well aware that once you have had your love affair with Sintra, you will not want to have your luxury wedding destination in Portugal anywhere else, My Luxury Wedding Portugal is pleased to announce that we have several different valuable connections that allow us to host the most splendid Luxury Weddings in Portugal. Below we have listed our top 5 favorite reasons, why getting married in Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination is so special and will prove to be such a memorable experience for all.

1. Nature

Because Sintra, named by UNESCO as World Heritage, lies in the heart of Sintra Mountain’s National Reservoir Park, it is completely surrounded by raw and exotic nature. This creates the most beautiful scenarios, the most luxurious picture backdrops, and the most intimate atmosphere for your luxurious wedding destination in Portugal. Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination is completely surrounded by acres of natural forest, allowing you to see pure magical greenery everywhere you look.

2. Location

Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination is only a 15-minute drive away from the Cascais and Estoril Coast, providing you with quick access to several paradisiacal beaches, and to various other entertaining experiences that these towns have to offer. Including the Casino of Estoril, which was the casino that inspired the 007 Casino Royale. You also have in very close proximity the Penha Longa Resort Golf Course, shopping centers, and the biggest racing track in Portugal. Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination is only a 30-minute drive away from the Lisbon Airport, and a 10-minute drive to Guincho beach, which was recently voted the 8th most beautiful beach in the world.

3. Historical Monuments

Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination is home to the most magnificent palaces and castles. From the Monserrate Palace to Pena Palace, and the beautiful Moorish Castle, Sintra has several historical monuments that are absolutely gorgeous for you to visit. At every corner you will find a jaw dropping architectural monument that will quickly make you fall in love with the varied wonders that Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination has to offer. One day is definitely not enough to visit all the impressive and alluring monuments that Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal has on display.

4. Accommodation

Extremely close to Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination, one can find a top-notch 5 star resort – The Penha Longa Luxury Resort in Portugal. With luxurious modern balcony rooms, amazing sights towards the Sintra Mountains, the 3rd best European Golf Course, exclusive SPA, jaw dropping gastronomy, and many other unique features, this Luxury Resort is the perfect place to relax during your stay in the Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination.

5. Romantic

Above all, the best feature of Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal is the fact that it is ever so romantic. What else do you need during your wedding break, other than extreme romance, including in the setting of where you are hosted? From the lovely intertwining roads in the middle of Sintra’s forest, to the gorgeous sunset views from above, to the unique and gorgeous beaches, Sintra Luxury Wedding Destination will provide constant romance for your wedding trip.