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Estoril is a great luxury wedding destination, but to ensure that you know the main reasons why it is, we listed the Top 10 reasons to have your Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril!


The Surroundings in the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril are honestly to die for. Everywhere you look there is something that will catch your eye and leave you stunned! From amazing antique palaces surrounding the coastline, to palm tree avenues, beautiful parks, and jaw dropping beaches, the surroundings for your luxury destination wedding in Estoril will leave you constantly amazed!


The beaches on Estoril’s coastline are absolutely gorgeous! Surrounding the coastline there is a boardwalk that goes from Cascais to Parede and passes through the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril. You can go for romantic walks, a bit of exercise, or even a few cocktails on the boardwalk, that is right on top of the beach. The boardwalk has several cafés and restaurants that serve amazing Portuguese drinks and food, and it is also decorated with palm trees, and exercise machines, giving you the ultimate paradisiacal feeling!


In the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril, very close to one of our luxury destination-wedding venues, you will find the biggest Casino in Europe. It was also where one of the 007 directors gained inspiration for the movie Casino Royale, where some of the scenes where even shot inside this Casino. It is a gorgeous place to go and have some late night drinks, listen to some great live music, and even try your luck on the grand variety of games! The casino also offers theatrical shows, music shows, ballet, and many other forms of entertainment! Not far from the Casino, one will find the biggest racetrack in Portugal and surrounding areas, where world racetrack champions happen! And of course, if you are a tennis or golf lover, your Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril has plenty of different courses on offer for you, providing you a whole afternoon of sporty fun!


Being the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril quite an affluent area, the cuisine is of the highest quality! You will find beautiful restaurants that will serve you the most intense flavored food, making you an absolute fan of the Portuguese gastronomy. The fact that the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril is right on the coast, means the fish is freshly picked, and therefore almost melts in your mouth! Portugal is also has a lot of expertise in cooking steaks, and other forms of meat, that will leave you mouth watering! If you are looking for a place to have a nice teatime, or a great café accompanied by a treat, then Garret in Estoril is the place for you! They also serve amazing lunchtime dishes, and the best part; Garret is walking distance from one of our luxury destination-wedding venues!


Around the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril, you will find the best 5star hotels in the whole area. Some of the hotels that are still remaining and completely renovated, are up and running since before World War 2! These hotels can also provide you with the most amazing culinary experiences, and most of them have the highest quality SPA treatments available. Want a massage the day before your wedding to relieve from all the stress? These Hotels, that are only a 5-minute walk from you luxury wedding destination venue, can offer you this, as well as face treatments, and any other type of treatments you’d wish to receive before your big day!


Estoril’s location is more than perfect. Being extremely close to several important points, it distinguishes itself on being such an accessible town. By car, it is only 30 minutes away from the capital’s- Lisbon’s city centre. Therefore, it is extremely close to Lisbon’s airport, providing easy access to you and your guests. If you would like to travel to the historic centre and discover all of the amazing historical monuments Lisbon has to offer, you can get to it in under half an hour by car, or if you get the train from Estoril to Lisbon it takes 25 minutes, but provides you with the most beautiful scenic views of the coastline. Sintra, Portugal’s capital of Romance, is also only 15 minutes away by car from the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril, and provides you with very rich cultural and historical monuments. It is a gorgeous place to spend a day in its romantic cobbled stone streets and hiking through its green exotic forests! Also the 8th prettiest beach in the world in Guincho is only a ten-minute drive away from Estoril, which is definitely worth a visit!!


Your luxury wedding venues in Portugal are incredible! The architecture is gorgeous, the inside is made for royals, the outside has insanely beautiful views, and the space is completely and exclusively yours during your wedding day! Our luxury destination-wedding venues are so utterly unique, and provide you with front row seats to the most stunning sunsets on the ocean, green protected forests, and waterfront locations directly in front of you! If you dream of a luxury wedding venue on the beach, in an exotic forest, or in an urban and modern place, you could not find better than our Luxury Wedding Venues in Portugal, close to and around the Estoril Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal.


The Portuguese climate is unique around the whole of Europe. In the summer it gets hot, but it is never overwhelming like in Spain for example. It is a nice kind of hot, that makes your tanned skin feel warm, yet refreshed when you dive into the ocean in Estoril’s beaches. In the winter it does get cold, but never less than 10º Celsius like in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, England and most of Europe. Also the fact that Portugal has on average 300 days of pure sunshine, out of the 365, helps to assure you that your wedding day (even if in the winter) could be quite sunny! So the climate in Portugal allows for your luxury destination wedding in Estoril to be just right, during any time of the year!


The staff in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, or even the staff serving at your wedding, including your wedding planner are all highly trained in terms of client service. Portugal comes second after Switzerland in regards to hospitality quality, and is a great host country! Most Portuguese people are super nice and even if they do not know how to speak in English (which most Portuguese people do know) they try really hard to communicate with you, and do not give up until you understand what they are trying to say. Also, all the staff present at your luxury destination wedding, from the security guard to the chef’s assistant, is very enthusiastic and dedicated to ensure your luxury destination wedding in Portugal runs smoothly, and to perfection! So do not worry, as in Portugal we will make sure that you are in the right hands when it comes to service, quality and assistance with any questions or problems you may encounter.


Even in terms of Real Estate, including for foreigners, the Luxury Destination Wedding in Estoril is a very sought out area. Being a very calm, safe, pacific, paradisiacal, and affluent area, Estoril has become the real estate dream of many people. With thousands of different entertainment possibilities, tropical beaches, safe environment, perfect hospitality, great climate, amazing food, and trendy bars, Estoril is a luxury dream for many people! Therefore, getting married in a town, or close to one that is a dream to most, can provide you with the possibility of making your luxury wedding destination dreams come true! Estoril, having all of the qualities mentioned above, and characteristics everyone looks for, is what makes it a dream luxury wedding destination town!