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And if all the reasons mentioned above aren’t enough, and haven’t got you booking flights already, below are the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Lisbon! These 10 reasons are based on must-see and must-do things whilst visiting Lisbon, so that you can experience the full pleasurable experience to the max!

1. Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is definitely in the list of Reasons to Visit Lisbon, as it is a trendy little group of apartments that have popular little bars, serving the most delicious drinks with the best prices! Contemporary music for all tastes, good vibes, and fun times will definitely be experienced in Bairro Alto in Portugal!

2. Elevador de Carmo

Elevador de Carmo is almost considered a historical monument in Lisbon’s downtown, which will take you from Baixa, to some old ruins from the Great Lisbon Earthquake time period. The architecture of the elevator is incredible, and the views from up top are unforgettable, so add that to your list of Reasons to Visit Lisbon.

3. Gulbenkian Museum

The Gulbenkian Museum is a fabulous place to go visit some art, relax, have a nice meal, and enjoy the gorgeous oriental gardens! It is such a calming place in the middle of the busy city centre –a refuge. The Gulbenkian Museum has some of the most prized art pieces of the country and has amazing esplanade bars to have a coffee or even a wonderful meal!

4. Pasties de Nata

Pasteis de Nata in Belém in Lisbon, are the typical custard mini pies that are one of Portugal’s most cherished traditional pastry. Having had such a great adherence by people all over the world, this Portuguese tradition has been replicated outside of Portugal, but failed, and that is why the cue to the original factory is always so long! You must have one when you’re here – who am I kidding, you’ll need at least six!

5. Bacalhau

Bacalhau, codfish, is Portugal’s most traditional fish, and is cooked in several different ways and creative methods! You can try our typical diverse recipes all throughout Lisbon’s restaurants! You will definitely want to replicate these different ways of cooking codfish when you go back to your hometown!

6. Belém Town

Belém Town in Lisbon is where most of our historical and cultural monuments/museums are! From the famous jaw-dropping Jerónimos Monastery, to the historical Belém Tower, the Presidential House, the Museum of Carriages, the Padrão de Descobrimentos with amazing views, to the Cultural Centre. There is so much to do in Belém that it will definitely take up a whole day! The Cultural Centre of Belém has the famous Berardo Museum, which has the biggest private art collection in Portugal.

7. Tile Museum

Portugal is extremely famous for it’s tiles. In the streets, in houses, in murals, everywhere you can find the traditional Portuguese restaurants,

which are such a famous Portuguese trademark! The Tile Museum not only explains the history behind these, but also allows you to see some of the best examples of Portuguese Tiles. The Tile Museum also has a lovely place to have a meal with your partner and/or family!

8. Miradouros

Miradouros are the famous pedestrian plazas, which can be found in different areas of Lisbon’s city centre, where you can enjoy the gorgeous views that Lisbon has to offer! These plazas usually have little cafés, where you can buy some coffee and a typical Portuguese treat. Whilst enjoying the wonderful food, you can have front row seats to the Tagus River, our 25th of April Bridge, the Portuguese sunset showing you a Golden Lisbon, and take some pictures for you to cherish these moments forever!


9. Oceanário

Lisbon’s Oceanarium was voted the best of Europe. It is also the largest. With a great architecture right in front of the Tagus River, this is a beautiful place to visit, with children or without! The surrounding area of the Oceanarium is called Expo and also has a ton of things to do! From typical restaurants to enjoy, sunny esplanades, the biggest concert hall in Portugal, a shopping centre, and other fun activities, Expo will present you with a fun and different day in Lisbon!


10. Flea Market

The Feira da Ladra flea market is a typical Portuguese market that you can find the craziest, coolest, and trendiest things ever! From the quirkiest artifacts imaginable, to vintage items of clothing, and trendy Chanel coats, you can find everything and anything at this Market. Even if you do not wish to purchase anything, it is really fun to visit this Market (Tuesdays and Sundays), as the vendors get really excited, and enthusiastic about selling their artifacts! You can get things from as cheap as 50cents!