Below we have included a selection of top 10 tips for your Luxury Wedding in Portugal! From flowers to room disposition, we have various certain ideas that will help you planning your big day! Read below and get inspired for your gorgeous Luxury Wedding in Portugal in our Luxury Wedding Venue in Portugal.


Contrasting colors is a great way to give a lively feel to your luxury wedding in Portugal. Not only does it create a colorful and enticing atmosphere, it will also be extremely pleasing for you and your guest’s eyes. Contrasting with different colors will also allow you to fix on the implementation of a theme. If you would like a more elegant wedding, contrasting white with bright and vivid colors looks beautiful, or if you rather have an eclectic wedding, mixing yellow with dark blue or any other vivid color looks great too!


Adding floral touches to the different areas of your wedding is essential. From flower walls as backdrops to floral candelabra centerpieces, the sky is the limit when implementing flowers in your luxury wedding in Portugal. Here, the rule simply is the more, the merrier! You will want to add as many flowers as possible from the moment you walk down the aisle, to your last dance at the disco. Luxury flowers are extremely decorative, and are a great way to emphasize your theme!


Creative lighting will create a huge impact in your luxury wedding venue in Portugal. It can enhance both your luxury wedding reception as well as your wedding dance. The lighting creates not only the perfect ambience, but it also defines the mood that you want to portray in the different areas of your wedding. It is such an easy way to set the ambience for your luxury wedding in Portugal. Your own creativity is the limit for your special day abroad!


Surprise your guests with a special tribute band or with a crazy cool popular photo booth. The entertainment at your luxury wedding in Portugal is definitely one of the main things that will create memorable memories for your guests! Therefore, you need to go all out when it comes to the entertainment at your luxury wedding in Portugal, to ensure your wedding is unique and unforgettable! Including something that is personal for you as a couple is also a great idea, when it comes to your luxury wedding in Portugal’s entertainment!


Having your wedding wine served in a personalized bottle is a great idea for your luxury wedding in Portugal. You can then store that bottle and open it in your future anniversaries. With a personalized wine bottle you will be able to engrave your names and the date of your wedding on the wine label. This way, your personal touch is definitely implemented, and it is a great memory for both you and your guests! Not only will this create a memorable memory for years to come, it will also be something fun for your guests to experience during your luxury wedding in Portugal.


To distinguish your wedding reception table from the other guests, you can choose to have a long table for you as a couple and the closest people to you, and then place the rest of your guests in round tables. The table disposition and table style is completely up to you, so therefore you have so many different unique table design and display possibilities. The way you place your luxury wedding tables is what will define the shape of your luxury wedding reception room, and therefore it is a very important detail to take into consideration when planning your luxury wedding in Portugal!


There are several different creative and innovative cocktails to implement in your luxury wedding in Portugal. The cocktail at your luxury wedding in Portugal is where everyone mingles – people are connecting and having a good laugh, therefore you need to provide them with good drinks too! Below we have listed a few examples of creative cocktails for every single taste and for you to implement in your luxury wedding in Portugal:

Just Married – Tequila Cocktail

Something Blue – Blue Corazon Cocktail

Blushing Bride – Champagne Cocktail

Berry Happy Together – Sangria

Blackberry Thyme Cocktail

Skinny Blueberry Vodka Mojito

There are also several different ways to implement a personal touch during your cocktail at your luxury wedding in Portugal but two of our favorites are: Floral Ice cubes, where you put colorful flowers in the water before freezing it. It looks beautiful and will create such a unique and innovative touch to your luxury wedding cocktail. Another extremely fun and creative thing to implement in your luxury wedding cocktail is a cocktail of your own, designed by yourselves as a couple and you can name it after yourselves. Such a fun and creative idea for you and your guests to experience during your luxury wedding in Portugal!


Implementing an Art Deco overtone during your luxury wedding in Portugal creates a very elegant and sophisticated ambience. You can implement this overtone in the cutlery, the design, the invitations, as well as in the vases for your flower arrangements – the possibilities are endless. Art Deco is tightly related to the 20s, therefore if you would like that as your theme, having an art deco luxury wedding in Portugal is extremely chic and unique! A lot of celebrities include an Art Deco overtone in their luxury events, creating very exclusive parties.


Including an elevated dance floor is a great idea for your luxury wedding in Portugal! Not only will you have an unique and exclusive dance floor, but due to the fact that it is elevated it can also serve as a stage. This is an extremely helpful 2 in 1 due to the fact that as for the speeches, video and anything else you would like, having a stage would help immensely. Not to mention, that your first dance will be extremely special as being in another height level will more than put you both as a couple under the spotlight.


Choosing a venue with character will definitely make your luxury wedding in Portugal that much more exclusive. However, in this department you are more than sorted, for you are lucky enough to have the planning team of Luxury Wedding Portugal at your display, to find the greatest venue to fit your style and preference. Honestly, there really is not a luxury wedding venue in Portugal with more character than the ones offered by Luxury Wedding Portugal. From venues that are right on top of the ocean, to castle like architecture and luxurious interiors, the luxury wedding venue in Portugal possibilities are endless to host your incredible luxury wedding in Portugal. All you need to do is to implement the other 9 luxury wedding tips in your luxury wedding venue choice, and you will have the most creative, unique and unforgettable luxury wedding in Portugal in a luxury wedding destination in Portugal.