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Cascais is a town capable of enchanting anyone who visits this quaint little place. However, even though it is quaint, Cascais has so much to offer in so many areas! Read the Top 5 reasons below to visit Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal!

1.Quaint and Picturesque

Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal is extremely picturesque and very pretty. There is always something, in every corner, that will capture your eye and will force you to stand there admiring its simplistic beauty! From the quaint little fishermen buildings, to the wonderful hotels, stunning beaches, grand marina, and gorgeous architecture, Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal has all of the features to leave you completely stunned in admiration!

2. Sunny Paradise

Cascais Luxury Destination in Portugal is a very sunny destination, and really warm in the summer months! Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal rarely suffers from heavy raining periods, however because of the coastal proximity it sometimes is quite windy, which proves to be so refreshing in the summer months. It is a town where people come to enjoy the beach, so the climate is almost always perfect! Even in the winter, when the sun hits – which is most times, Cascais Luxury Destination in Portugal is a wonderful place to go near the sea, sit in an esplanade with friends and relax!

3. Stunning Beaches

The beaches in the Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal are what draw most of our annual visitors. Having the Guincho beach nominated as the 8th most beautiful beach in the world has attracted several tourists, and is also a point of attraction for surfers around the world! It has for sure one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. Driving back and forth on the road by the Cascais coastline is a normal habit for Portuguese people, especially on the weekend, due to its immense beauty! It is quite hard to put down in words how beautiful the Cascais Luxury Destination in Portugal is, because it is provides more of a feeling then a simple descriptive adjective. You really have to come here to experience it!

4. A Piece of Peace

The Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination is extremely peaceful and amazing for a relaxing holiday. The surrounding nature is wild and has been appointed as a natural protected reservoir, allowing it to maintain its original beauty! The contrast of the gorgeous wild nature, sand dunes, and stunning coastline is what makes Cascais such a peaceful and alluring luxury destination in Portugal. The 5 star hotels in the area are also all very secluded, protected, and most surrounded by nature, providing a heavenly sanctuary for your peaceful vacations in the Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal.

5. Perfect Location

The Cascais Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal is located in the most perfect place as it is close to everything, yet far enough to save you from being dragged into the city centre madness. In Cascais you have the best of both worlds, the calmness of the suburbs, yet the needed closeness to visit everything you’d like. Sintra is only a 15-minute drive away, Estoril only a 5-minute drive away, and Lisbon is only 30 kilometers away from Cascais. Therefore you have easy and fast access to everything, including Lisbon’s Airport, which is only a 35minute drive away from Cascais.

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