Weddings at Forte da Cruz are made especially to offer you the most luxurious event in Portugal, with everything that you ever wished for! Your luxury destination in Portugal will never be as perfect, as it will in this luxury wedding venue! The views, the interiors, the ocean breeze, the castle unique look, and all the different possibilities that this venue can offer you, are what make this luxury wedding venue in Portugal so special! For your luxury wedding in Portugal, you can let your imagination run wild and choose whatever you would like! Usually couples choose a wedding theme, as this helps them gain some orientation about what they would like to have throughout the wedding. The wedding theme, is a wedding guide for your luxury wedding in Portugal. Many couples choose the sea as a theme, due to the fact that Forte da Cruz wedding venue is on top of the beach. However, if you are having a luxury destination wedding in Portugal, you can choose the theme to be about travel, and give guests your wedding “passports”. There are so many creative angles that you can reach, however having a theme also helps with choosing the luxury wedding colors and therefore flowers as well. Once you have got a theme chosen and selected, the program, decoration, and menu can be planned out fully.

A luxury wedding is always filled with a ton of flowers, so once you choose your color theme, you can choose the flowers and fill Forte da Cruz with amazing flower decorations- you can get inspired by some of the examples offered on the wedding flowers page! Forte da Cruz is a luxury venue that being exclusively yours, allows you to decorate it and take your theme to the next level. It is also a very elegant and classy venue by itself, so by adding your personal touch, you will have a beautiful and tasteful luxury wedding in Portugal. Our clients are always so pleased with this venue, as there is so much they can do with it, and the pictures always look amazing! Wedding at Forte da Cruz are always such a pleasure to organize and plan, due to the fact that decorating such a stylish luxury wedding venue is always so much fun! However, when organizing and planning your luxury wedding in Portugal, there are several details that you need to think about! Therefore, we have included a list below of the top 10 essential details that you need to remember when planning your luxury wedding in Portugal!






The theme of your luxury wedding in Portugal is one of the main things to think about. Usually you can plan your theme by doing wedding boards with details you like. These boards allow you to have an overall visualization of the whole aspect of your luxury destination wedding in Portugal, for your Wedding at Forte da Cruz. Also, if you do not have any other ideas and are a bit stuck on details of your theme, going on Pinterest seems to always help our clients, as there are thousands of organized wedding ideas!


The flowers are a great asset to your wedding, as there is no luxury without flowers. The more, the merrier- and you will be able to use them in several different aspects throughout your destination luxury wedding in Portugal for your wedding at Forte da Cruz! From the Ceremony, to the Disco or live band, you will have to decorate every area of your wedding with a lot of flowers! Therefore, choose the type of flowers you want, quite a while before your wedding, so that you can ensure you will have all the flowers you want in the quantity that you need before your big day! Usually couples make a link between the flowers picked and the theme of the wedding, for your luxury wedding at Forte da Cruz to seem interlaced and smooth.

Ceremony Style

For your luxury wedding in Portugal you need to choose if you would rather have a civil, symbolic or catholic ceremony, as this will also define the structure of your luxury wedding in Portugal. For example, if you would like to get married in a church, or if you want a family member to do a symbolic ceremony, or even if you would like to have a register come to your wedding at Forte da Cruz luxury wedding venue and have you legally married. Your wedding planner will help you with the process for each of the ceremonies, so do not feel haunted by this choice. However, having an idea of what you would like will help your wedding planner to present you with the best options for your ceremony in your luxury wedding in Portugal!

Date of Wedding

The date that you would like to host your luxury wedding in Portugal is also awfully important for several different reasons. Mainly, if you are having a luxury destination wedding in Portugal, the date is important to allow your guests to be able to book flights in advance for a good season. Also the weather you would like for your luxury wedding in portugal depends on the time of the year that you pick a date for! If you would like it to be extra hot and sunny then the months of July and August are the best, if you would like it to be sunny and nice but not as hot then April, May, June and September are great months! However, if you would like a colder wedding or an autumn wedding then the months of Portuguese “winter” are the best for you! This definitely depends on the client’s preference, personal taste, and also the theme you would like!


The decorations you would like for your luxury wedding in Portugal are really important to define, as luxury decorations take time to assemble and arrange. Therefore, as soon as you’ve got the theme and luxury decorations picked, telling your wedding planner is ideal, so that your wedding planner has time to arrange everything with you, including assembling times, for your luxury wedding in Portugal to have every little detail ready on time! Your luxury wedding in Portugal’s decorations are a really fun part to choose and pick, and to imagine before your big day! Your wedding at Forte da Cruz can be extremely unique and personal, by choosing the decorations that have to do with you and your future husband!


The luxury wedding menu is also a very important detail to think about, as it allows your guests to taste anything you would like! You can choose to serve traditional Portuguese food, or simply just a meal that you and your husband like. Although couples tend to undermine their wedding menu, this is a very important part, as it is definitely one of the details that your guests will remember for eternity! The different types of food served, is a big part of the Portuguese culture, as the Portuguese are some of the biggest food appreciators, and so no matter what you choose, our chefs will give it their all to serve excellent meals for your luxury wedding in Forte da Cruz.


The Music, is a great part of your luxury wedding in Portugal, and other than having a ambience music Dj, you will need to choose if for the ceremony and disco you would like a live band, a mini orchestra, a Fado singer, simply just a Dj, or any other type of music format that you and your partner would like! Usually having a live band throughout your wedding is great, as it is constant entertainment for your guests. You can also choose this with your wedding planner, as they can advise you on what best fits depending on your musical taste. One thing is for sure- there is no luxury wedding in Forte da Cruz in Portugal without good music present throughout your wedding day.


The Photographer and Videographer are super important, as it is their job to immortalize the different moments and memories of your wedding. Therefore, you need a top quality photographer to capture everything to perfection. If you would like to bring with you a specific photographer or videographer, then you are more than welcome, however if you have no idea which photographer or videographer, you would like for your special luxury wedding in Portugal, then you can ask your wedding planner to suggest to you some names, as we know some of the best wedding photographers and videographers in Portugal.

Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake is usually your chance to wow your guests. With several layers, intricate details, or beautiful flowers, you can get so creative with your cake design! We work with some of the best wedding cake designers, that will be more than able to put your wedding cake vision into reality! Usually couples combine their cake vision with that of their luxury wedding theme. This allows for the whole wedding to correlate and combine. Your wedding cake is also a very special moment in your luxury wedding in portugal, as it is what closes your wedding before the disco begins! It is the last, let’s say wedding ritual, before dancing the night away with your favorite family and friends! Therefore, let’s make it a wedding ritual to remember for your luxury wedding in Portugal!


Additional factors that you will need to think about, are party favors, whether you would like fireworks, games, balloons, and if you would like a photo booth. The couple getting married, always gives a Party Favor to the guests attending the wedding, in a way of saying thank you. You can easily tie the favors to your wedding theme, or simply offer them something that has to do with you as a couple. Some clients like to have fireworks and sparklers during the cake cutting and champagne opening. This is a great way of enhancing the moment and creating wonderful photo opportunities! The balloons are a great way to introduce mixing them with your flower decorations, as they will create a really elegant atmosphere for your luxury wedding in Portugal! The games and photo booth, are fun idea of providing entertainment throughout your luxury wedding in Portugal!

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