Forte da Cruz, your luxury wedding destination venue in Portugal, was first built in the 17th century by the Portuguese Monarchy as a Fort used to protect the Portuguese coast from oncoming enemies! It was made to prevent an eventual attack on the Portuguese Coast.

In 1894, the great grandfather of the current owners bought Forte da Cruz, which was used as a Summer House, for the Portuguese Royal Court when they came to the Cascais area. The Estoril Ocean was discovered to have medicinal properties, and therefore it became quite trendy for the Portuguese Royal Court to come to the beach for beach related treatments.

It was also considered, and still is, to be quite a fashionable place to spend your holidays, being the closest paradisiacal beach location close to Lisbon! Therefore, because the Royal family started going there frequently, it quickly became a village that was tied hand in hand with luxury, wealth, and affluent people. That is why now days it is considered a Luxury Wedding Destination in Portugal, as well as a luxury vacation for tourists around the world!

Going back to Forte da Cruz’s history, the new owner then called upon some of the most renown artists, designers, and architects to reform the Fort and turn it into a livable space. The style chosen for the reformation of Forte da Cruz was the Tuscan style that fits perfectly with the beach and ocean views that are directly in front of Forte da Cruz, a luxury wedding destination venue in Portugal.

Estoril was named after it being quite a sterile place in its early years, with very few inhabitants. However, Fausto Cardoso de Figueiredo, owner of the concession to explore the Casino de Estoril (biggest one in Europe), and his partner Augusto Carreira de Sousa, decided in 1913, to create a project to make Estoril a touristic center, with international ambitions. World War I created some serious delays, so the construction of the Casino only started in 1916.

In 1940, Estoril is finally established as a touristic center, having received, due to World War II, several refugees and excludes of a noble character, such as several kings from Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, and people of royal courts from throughout Europe, such as the count of Barcelona!

Because Estoril was the safe haven of so many affluent people, and with several wealthy connections, it quickly started to grow as a town. Having some of the best 5 star hotels of the coastline, an airport real close, the biggest Casino in Europe, a famous racetrack, amazing golf camps that host world championships, and some of the most sheltered and paradisiacal beaches, Estoril’s town quickly became one of the most wanted vacation destinations by people around Portugal, and suddenly around the world as well!


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Forte da Cruz is located right on top of the Tamariz Beach, in Estoril. The Estoril area is extremely close to Cascais, being one of it’s neighboring villages, and only a 20-minute drive away from the Lisbon Airport. Not many buildings are situated so close to the beach, however because this was built as a Fort, it had to be on top of the beach, which makes it quite a privileged historical building in its area.

Estoril is one of the most privileged and wealthy areas of the Cascais region, as it is not only where some of the best beaches are, it is also right in front of the Casino of Estoril, which is the biggest Casinos in Europe that served as inspiration for one of the 007 movies. Filled with palm tress, amazing restaurants, cool little bars, a beach boardwalk that runs through all the beaches in the surrounding areas for romantic walks, Estoril will offer you not only a luxurious wedding venue, but also a romantic and luxurious wedding destination!

Estoril’s location is also quite valuable, as there is by train, direct, easy, and safe transportation directly to any other coastal village/city on the Lisbon Coast. The train takes you from Cascais, with various stops throughout Lisbon’s coast, and ends in Cais do Sodré in Lisbon, where you can catch the underground and visit the different urban points of the Lisbon’s capital city centre! Estoril is so perfect as it gives you the total summer and palm tree beach feeling, yet with it’s helpful transportation, it also allows you to quite quickly arrive at any other point of the city that you would like to visit!

As a venue, Forte da Cruz is ideal for many reasons. Firstly, if you dream of a beach wedding, you could not really get better than this as it is right on top of the beach. You basically have front row seats for some of the most stunning sunsets in the whole country! You can also enjoy the opportunity of taking your wedding photos on the sand, with palm trees, and the sea as a beautiful backdrop!

Forte da Cruz has amazing facilities with parking, a spacious disco room, a gorgeous ceremony area, cocktail areas on the surrounding terraces, and a large dining area. The Tuscan touch throughout the whole Forte da Cruz, will provide you and your wedding guests with the feeling that you are on vacations, and the surrounding views will only help to enhance that! You can have some of the most amazing photo opportunities inside this wedding venue in Portugal! The inside has very unique and particular characteristics that will look quite amazing in your wedding photos!

If you are looking for a destination wedding venue in Portugal, that is close to the beach, and has views of the sea, then this venue, facing the ocean and Cascais bay, with the most original facilities and features, as well as the most astonishing views, is definitely the right choice for you to have a memorable destination wedding in Portugal!

To make the decision about your luxury-wedding venue easier, please read below the Top 10 Reasons to have your Luxury Destination Wedding in Portugal in Fort da Cruz wedding venue!




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