TOP 10 Reasons to choose Forte da Cruz as Your Luxury Wedding Venue in Portugal

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Below you can read the Top 10 reasons why the Forte da Cruz is the ideal Luxury Wedding Venue in Portugal! We are sure you will be more than keen on hiring this luxury venue after understanding why  Forte da Cruz is the best Luxury Wedding Venue in Portugal!

1. Right on Top of the Beach

This luxury wedding venue in Portugal provides you with the rare option of hosting your destination luxury wedding right on top of the beach! You can see the sand, the ocean, feel the ocean breeze, smell the sea salt, and watch the seagulls play all from your wedding venue, which is a super exclusive feature!

2. Tuscan Architecture

The Architecture of this luxury wedding venue in Portugal is based on the Tuscan architecture, as it was renovated based on this style! Therefore, you will definitely feel like you are in a luxurious Italian villa in front of the Mediterranean, yet with a Portuguese unique added touch and style! The best of both worlds, presenting you with the most outstanding luxury-wedding venue in Portugal!

3. Stunning Sunsets

This luxury wedding venue in Portugal allows you to witness the most stunning sunsets upfront during your wedding! The fact that this luxury wedding venue has nothing in front of it except for the sea, allows you to not only enjoy the sunsets without anything in the way, but will also allow you to take fabulous wedding photos in Portugal!

4. Catering

The catering served at the Forte da Cruz luxury wedding venue in Portugal will be of the highest quality, served by the most experienced staff in this area. You will get to flavor haute cuisine whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of the ocean and the beach during your luxury wedding reception in Portugal! The Portuguese cuisine combines the most wonderful Mediterranean flavors, with the exotic spices of the East that Portugal acquired during the colonization period, and we assure you that it will not leave you disappointed!

5. Localization

Situated in the center of one of the most affluent Portuguese towns, the Forte da Cruz luxury wedding venue in Portugal, excels as a wedding venue due to its localization. It is close to several five star hotels, markets, high quality restaurants, trendy bars, and literally on top of the beach! It also has several transportation options available, and only a 20-minute drive from the Lisbon Airport.

6. Castle Design

This luxury wedding venue in Portugal, due to being a Fort, resembles a mini enchanted castle! The Forte da Cruz was also where the Portuguese Royal family used to stay and a lot of the decoration of the Royal family remains, so therefore your luxury wedding will be filled with romance and magical details throughout, fit for kings and queens! There is nothing more perfect than feeling like the royal you are, on your destination wedding in Portugal! This decoration and feeling will also give present you with the most picture perfect opportunities for your wedding photographs!

7. All in one

The Forte da Cruz as your luxury wedding venue in Portugal is absolutely perfect for all of these reasons, but one that we have not mentioned is the practicality! You can have everything you dreamt of for your destination wedding in Portugal, all in this one single venue! You can have your wedding ceremony, your wedding cocktail, your wedding reception, and your wedding disco all in the Forte da Cruz venue, separated into different areas! Therefore, because it is all in one area, and the venue will be exclusively yours, you can do whatever you would like in terms of decorations and flowers, keeping a coherent theme throughout the one luxury wedding venue, instead of spreading between several venues, and loosing the wedding’s thematic!

8. Excellent Vendors

We only work with the best of wedding vendors, ensuring that everything you have on your wedding day in Portugal, from photographers, decoration designers, flower designers, cake designers, to hair and makeup, and to any other type of service you choose, is of the highest quality for your luxury wedding in Portugal! Everything you need, and everything we offer, we can assure you that it will be the best at your luxury wedding venue in Portugal, guaranteeing our client’s satisfaction over and over again!

9. Wedding Coordination

In The Forte da Cruz luxury wedding venue in Portugal, you will have a wedding planner that will not only accompany you through the whole wedding planning process up until your actual wedding day, but whom will also be coordinating your luxury wedding in Portugal, to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and if something does go wrong, our experienced wedding planners will solve it before you even hear about it! To have your luxury wedding in Portugal run smoothly and to perfection, a wedding coordinator is a total necessity!

10. Exclusivity

Last but not least, The Forte da Cruz luxury wedding venue in Portugal will be exclusively yours for your destination-wedding day in Portugal! You will have the whole castle resembled fort for your own use, decoration, meal, etc! This will create a unique feel of closeness and of intimacy that is extremely hard to replicate in other bigger venues that cannot offer exclusivity! You will have a private event, in which you can focus solely on your husband, your family, and your guests, without having to worry about intruders or people you do not know!